Hi! I'm Levi, a creative producer who creates
concepts, graphic | product designs and photo | video

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About me

Hi! I'm Levi, a creative producer who never let a day go without working on some design or media projects. Besides of making digital designs, i also make fysical projects with as goal to give old products a new function and life. Nowadays i have my own vintage furniture shop with my mother where we also selling handmade products like lamps and other creative accessories. Besides that, I'm in the start phase of Esser Essentials where I offer graphic design, concepts and photo and video.

Esser Essentials
Founder | Esser Essentials
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Esser Essentials
Co-Founder | Pakhuis 53
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take a look at a few of my completed projects.
all images are linked to other sites like Instagram and Vimeo.

Erasmus Rotterdam

Rotterdam - linked to Instagram

Video Berlin

Video project Berlin - linked to Vimeo

Pakhuis 53 Flyer

Pakhuis 53 flyer - linked to Facebook

Sunset in Rotterdam

Logo design - linked to website


architecture - linked to Instagram

Music/Design Studio

Music player - linked to SoundCloud


Founder Esser Essentials
Co-founder Pakhuis 53
Communication & Multimedia Design | HR
Audiovisual | Zoomvliet Studio

Levi Esser